Dickenson Consulting works with a number of clients based in the US at present, however confidentiality is of paramount importance for these projects and so  for the time being recommendations from these businesses are not possible.

For other past recommendations regarding Hanna Dickenson, please see below:

I had the pleasure to work with Hanna in her role as programme director at Syntaxin and am extremely impressed with the enthusiasm, professionalism and high level of expertise that Hanna brought to the project. Her expertise stretched from knowledge on project/programme management to the various aspects of the drug development process as well as her obvious experience with (out-)sourcing projects and work. I would highly recommend Hanna and will definitely consider hiring her if I am in need for interim project/programme management!

MICHEL DE BAAR: Managing Director, 2PdB Holdings BV

Hanna has managed multiple projects and programs simultaneously in an extremely organised and professional fashion. She was an invaluable part of each team and managed to keep those teams on time, in budget and constantly aware of their ‘position’ on the roadmap within a broader business plan, in a friendly but effective and business-like way.

PATRICK DOYLE: Vice President, PPD (previously CEO at Syntaxin)

Hanna has a good command of project management skills and was driven to see this implemented internally and dovetailed with external suppliers. She also found and negotiated several outsourcing partnerships, ensuring that they provided cost effective services on time. Hanna also represented the company at conferences and seminars, and was able to integrate the detail of the project management with the wider corporate direction.

PHIL BOYD: CFO at Tiziana Pharma Ltd (previously CFO at Syntaxin)