Project Management Training and Mentoring

We can provide valuable insight into where your business needs to grow with respect to project and programme management.

Our goal would be to focus on recommending/delivering a project management structure and its associated processes that would add the most value to your business.

Typical activities would include:

  • Review of the project management structure and processes in your company, ensuring these are fit for your purpose(s).
  • Providing your business with training and mentoring regarding, for example:
    • Planning and budget management.
    • Risk management.
    • Decision making processes.
    • Project administration tools.
    • Reporting and presenting of project progress and milestones.
    • Management of project team members and stakeholders.
  • Identifying suitable project management planning and budgeting tools.


Dickenson Consulting is also:

  • An approved Growth Voucher Adviser.

Growth Voucher Logo

If your business has been awarded a Growth Voucher from the Government, you can claim  matched funding up to £2,000 (excl. VAT) from the Government, for strategic project management advice from us.

For further details on the Growth Voucher Scheme go to:

  • An approved Brain Friendly Trainer (ITOL), ensuring your staff get the most out of their training with us.