Lithium Ion Battery Company – Consulting Services

Completed 6 month contract providing project management consulting services to Nexeon Ltd, a Lithium Ion Battery development company, which helped secure an additional £30m in funding.

  • Successfully introduced project management methodology including a vigorous risk analysis process and tools to visually track progress with project KPIs.
  • Coached and mentored project leaders in project methodology as well on communication skill, specifically on how to report issues to the senior leadership team.
  • Recommended organisational changes within the technical team and advised on handling cultural issues, which were adopted by client.
  • Our style for this client, was to get immersed in the projects and at the start to lead the main projects whilst staff were training up on new software and systems. This enabled us to show how meetings should be run and create a change in culture from within the organisation. The projects were handed  to the ( in some cases new) project leaders once they felt ready to take the reigns.