Case Studies

Do you wish to further understand the kind of work we are currently undertaking?  Please click on the links below to look at some different case studies.

Innovative Solid Dose Injector Product for PTH

Programme Manager leading the PTH (parathyroid hormone) programme for Glide Technologies, a clinical stage development company, focused on solid dose injections of therapeutics and vaccines. Find out more

First in Man Oncology Products (Solid Dose)

Completed 8 month project for a small oncology company. Provided programme management support for 2 small molecule, solid dose products, as well as help with outsourcing of manufacturing and clinical trial packaging . Find out more

Lithium Ion Battery Company - Consulting Services

Completed 6 month contract providing project management consulting services to Nexeon Ltd, a Lithium Ion Battery development company, which helped secure an additional £30m in funding. Find out more

Mass Spectrometry Study

Successfully provided biopharmaceutical programme management and contractor management services to a US-based client for the selection and management of an in-vitro analytical testing company. Find out more

In-vitro Cell Assay

Performed research for an investment firm based in the US to help them assess the market place for a specific type of in-vitro cell assay. Find out more

Colorectal Disease Partner Research

Conducted web-based research for NIHR (National Institute of Health Research and part of the NHS), to help them identify potential collaborators. Find out more