Finding it hard to decide which service provider to go with?

To help create a decision table to make this important decision, follow these steps

  1. First of all, make a list of the key criteria, which are essential for the partnership, e.g. location, price, technical competence etc.
  2. Then create a table with your key criteria in the furthest left hand column, adding additional columns to the right to compare the different companies you are looking at. To do this use a rating of 1 to 3 where 3 is the best, giving you a “criteria score”.
  3. Then add a “weighting” column to the right, to rank each criterium from 1 to 3. Then creating additional columns to the right of these, enter a calculation for “criteria score” x “ weighting for each company and add up the scores for each company giving you a total for each business. The company with the highest score should be your preferred contractor. See an example of a decision table below.

Compare service providers spreadsheet

In this case company 3 is the preferred service provider.

This table can also be used to help relay decision processes to senior management.

Download this spreadsheet in Excel.

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By Dr Hanna Dickenson

Managing Director of Dickenson Consulting Ltd.
Biopharmaceutical/Pharmaceutical Project Management & Outsourcing/Contractor Management

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