Dickenson Consulting is now a Brain Friendly Project Management Trainer

Hanna has just successfully completed a fantastic ITOL (Institute of Training and Occupational Learning) approved Brain Friendly Training course with Stellar Learning. This was a fabulous learning experience and has really opened our eyes on how to successfully engage and teach people new principles/concepts/ways of working. We can’t wait to use these new skills in our next training project! Click on the brain below to learn more.


Do you have a back up option to your selected CMO or CRO?

In the bio/pharmaceutical industry the loss of a desired CMO or CRO can be difficult to recover from.  It can result in a negative impact on timelines, which in turn can lead to loss of investor confidence, disgruntled customers as well as incredible stress for employees trying to sort another contractor at short notice. This is where having a back up contractor can make a huge difference. Read this article